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Best astrologer in India

What is astrology?

Best astrologer in India Pt Somnath ji. People derive different meanings of astrology. Astrology is the whole universe, that is, every activity of the entire universe is found in astrology. The distance of the Sun through astrology is how many planets are there in our universe, how many constellations are there, how many bodies are there, all are counted. That is, every event, from life to death, happens inside astrology, astrology is the one that can happen in your life. Earth can detect all things. Astrology is very great. Astrologer in India reading astrology is considered very much in our world. There are less astrologers and know astrology very well because its depth is like the deep sea, it is very difficult to reach there, therefore there are very few scholars who can understand this astrology in our India, by whom what can happen With the birth of a human being, each and every activity of his or her death is counted in astrology. When will the world war happen in the world, when will the event take place, you can do every one inside astrology.

Astrology is very good for man but It is written in Ta that no one can erase the article of Karma, that is, whatever you do, you will get the same results in astrology, if you have good deeds in your rebirth, then in this birth you will get happiness if your rebirth If karma is not good, then you get sorrow in this birth, then you get it clearly written in astrology, you cannot change it, as it is written in astrology, the same way a human being gets.

Is astrology a science?

There are such miracles of astrology that science fails in front of it. Science is made up of astrology, that in ancient times, Ravana who had taken away Sita ji came from his plane i.e. in ancient times, there were planes and that mind. In today's time, planes run on petrol and can never crash, in ancient times, aircraft did not crash, that is, astrology is considered millions of times ahead of science. Science and scientists are also surprised because even today the sun The scientist of NASA in America is surprised to hear that the sound of Om comes out because the sound of Lord Shiva comes out of the Sun and it is all written in astrology, that is, which is considered far ahead of science, that is, in astrology. Similar science has come out, so astrology should be respected. Our best famous astrologer in India has spent his life in studying the knowledge of astrology so that people can save their lives. Can be happy

Who is the no 1 astrologer in india?

There are many thoughts in your brain that who is the best astrologer in India, you get countless names but our astrologer is considered the best astrologer in India in a few years because he is the best astrologer online because he has done the life of countless people. Sorrow and pain have been removed, other problems occur in human life like.

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There are a lot of endless problems when you think about your career but still there are problems in it, then to overcome that career related problem, you can resort to Astrology. Our best astrologer is working for you in India. And to get rid of all these troubles, your problems will also be solved with a percentage guarantee.

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